• Story Coaching

    Customized coaching to help you to tell your truest story

  • What is Story Coaching?

    Story coaching is a life transforming process for helping clients to re-examine their personal stories, discover where they may be stuck and learn to tell their story in a truer way; a way that leads to freedom.

    The Importance of Stories

    Often we might think of bedtime stories or story-time at the library when we think of story but the truth is that story is the very stuff of life. We are beings of story. We have personal stories. Our personal stories make up family stories. Our families have historical stories that go back through the generations. Our families are part of cultural stories that are part of much bigger stories. We are all part of God's story.

    Madeline L'Engle, one of history's best story tellers says, “Stories are able to help us to become more whole, to become Named. And Naming is one of the impulses behind all art; to give a name to the cosmos, we see despite all the chaos.”

    from Walking on Water: Reflections on Faith and Art

    We make sense of our lives through story. That is how God created us to be. Jesus often told the truth to people through story. It is just the best way of getting at what is real. Reality is not possible to fully understand through mere facts. We need story to help us assimilate truth. We need story to show us the way out of darkness.

  • When Stories Get Stuck

    Have you ever experienced writer's block?

    Like some time when you were assigned an essay in college? Or if you were preparing a presentation for work? It's not fun. It can feel endless and impossible with no clear way of moving forward.

    This same thing can happen with the stories of our lives. We can get stuck and feel unable to see things from a different perspective. It is extremely limiting and sometimes feels like nothing will ever change.

    Trauma is one of the main ways that stories can get stuck. We can start to believe a false narrative about our lives, one that builds on and emphasizes the negative, prioritizing the worst events and circumstances in our way making meaning of our lives.

  • It is possible, however, to learn to tell your story in a different way, a way that allows space for truth and growth and goodness to prevail. In a very real way, we actually co-create reality through the stories we tell (so it's important to tell them well!

  • Story Coaching Packages

    Learning to tell your truest story

    Story Clarity Day

    A one day intensive (5 hours)

    Story Clarity is a one day immersive process in which we get crystal clear on where you are stuck (how you have been telling your story), we work together on shifting your perspective on that story you have been believing, and you learn to tell your story in a new and truer way. This can be done virtually or in person and is a fun and creative process that can include art, hypnosis, writing, games, set aside times of quiet reflection and more. If you choose to come in person, I will make sure you have a delightful and pampering experience, a mini personal retreat. If you prefer virtual, we will still have fun and I'll send you a care package, in advance, with supplies for you to use on your special day.

    Story Re-vision

    A 3 month package

    Story Re-Vision is a 3 month process, including a Story Clarity day and building on that. With this package we will work together to tell your story in a way that is truer and more uplifting. You will grow in confidence about telling people your story, no longer avoiding conversations for fear of people's reactions. You will be able to convey how you have grown and changed, how God has been gracious even in the midst of your pain and how you are moving forward in light of God's goodness and grace. You will change how you tell your story both to yourself and to others.

    True Story

    A 6 month package

    True Story is a more wholistic and complete process. We'll take 6 months together to transform your lived experience of the truth. We will include everything covered in Clarity and Re-Vision but continue to build on that with intentional practices and ongoing coaching that allows for thorough integration of your re-vised story into all parts of your life. This package allows the space necessary for your true story to become more real to you than your old story. At the end of this process together we will create a plan for your continued growth in freedom and wholeness.

  • What's Included?

    Story Clarity Day

    is a stand alone, 5 hour, private, workshop-like package. You leave with a new perspective on your story and revitalized hope.

    Story Re-Vision and True Story Packages both include:

    • A Mini Story Clarity day 3 hours together
    • Your Story Retold the ability to tell and experience your story differently and more truly.
    • Coaching Sessions 3 sessions per month (usually in the first 3 weeks); last week being an implementation week in which you can get caught up and further integrate new patterns with lived experience.
    • Call Strategy Tool a tool to help you and I prepare for our time during coaching sessions, to truly make the most of it!
    • Post Session Re-cap Tool to increase accountability and allow you to continue building on our meetings and experiencing the best growth for you.
    • Online Private Client Log to keep track of your progress, journal current progress, share celebrations and struggles and get current "just in time" coaching.
    • Private Client Portal a place to keep everything organized and all together for your convenience and benefit.
    • Additional Resources any extra tools, worksheets or aids that are provided to enhance your growth during the course of your package.
    • Complimentary or Special Pricing for any additional programs that you may want to participate in during your coaching journey.
    • Prayer my commitment to pray for you (and with you, if desired) during the course of your journey.
    • A Final Wrap up session in which we celebrate your amazing growth!

    Interested in Story Coaching?

    If you would like to consider whether Story Coaching would be right for you, please schedule a complimentary Strategy Call with me today!

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