• Resilience Coaching

    Learning how to listen to your heart

  • HeartMath for Resilience Coaching

    Is a five week program for learning how to calm your nervous system so you can access the wisdom of your heart in order to connect more fully with others, trust your natural intuition, increase creativity and lower stress, amongst other benefits. I will teach you a different HeartMath (learn more at https://www.heartmath.com/) technique each week, practice it with you and then, interact with you during the week in your client logs to continue to support your practice and growth. This is a great way to strengthen your resilience through learning again how to listen to your heart.


    Trauma often causes people to get stuck in patterns of thought (governed by the emotional brain), unable to trust the signals of their bodies or the world around them, for fear of losing control and exposing themselves to danger. As a result we continue to scan our environment for cues of danger, no longer remembering how to listen to our body's signals and shift our experience. In vigilant efforts to avoid danger, we forget our natural ability to discern it and exhaust ourselves with constant (and largely unproductive) watchfulness.


    In the past 25 years, much has been learned about the interaction of our thoughts, feelings and sensations. Basically, our hearts and brains are in constant communication, and through learning to control our heart rhythm patterns we can gain control of our felt emotions. Through this practice, we also are equipped with the ability to more accurately, respond to and receive cues from our environment and from other people. We feel safer and more connected with other people when there is no real danger.


    If you would like to learn how to control your heart rhythm patterns in order to manage your thoughts, feelings and relationships with others, schedule a complimentary Step into Freedom Strategy Session today to get started with HeartMath.



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