• Memory Reconsolidation Coaching

    Re-organizing traumatic memories to tell a truer story

  • What is Memory Reconsolidation?

    Memory Reconsolidation is a process by which our brains update old memories and lessons learned with new information, allowing us to integrate important, but previously omitted details, into our ways of understanding the world and making meaning of our lives. Basically we can take a memory out of storage, update it with new understanding (that has been acquired since the original filing of it) and then re-store it, Our feelings about what happened will shift, enabling healing to occur.

    How Does Memory Reconsolidation Work?

    Having been trained in Trauma Informed Hypnotherapy, I use Courtney Armstrong's five step protocol for updating past memories, integrating experiences that communicate well to the emotional brain, such as story, imagery, hypnosis, movement, play, music and more. We find what will communicate best to each client's brain and work with those ingredients. Even after our work together, clients' brains will continue to strengthen the newly established neuro-pathways, solidifying the new learning and building upon it. And, once learned, it is possible to use this method to work through future struggles with old memories, all on one's own.

    What Does Memory Reconsolidation Coaching Look Like?

    Snapdragon Counseling offers MR Coaching as a six session package. It is paid for all at once but can be divided into a payment plan, if desired. The first 3 sessions are spaced fairly close together with the last three spaced progressively further apart to allow for new integration and learning to occur.

    The Magical Shift...

    Clients sometimes express that this feels like magic, but it's really not. It's just the way God created our brains to function and to heal. It truly is amazing and if you're interested in changing old and stuck patterns of thought. I would love to introduce it to you. Just click the button below to schedule a complimentary Strategy Session so we can get started today!

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