• Discernment Therapy

    When the fog is thick and your path, uncertain...

  • When Discernment Therapy May Be Your Best Choice

    Sometimes you are so much in a fog that you don't know what you best next step is. Everything seems overwhelming and uncertain. All you really know is that things are not okay and that you are feeling lost. You just need a safe space in which to breathe and assess your situation and make a plan.

    How It Works

    I integrate a variety of gentle methods (including trauma informed hypnotherapy, art therapy, bibliotherapy, psycho-education regarding trauma and the brain, trauma sensitive writing, mindfulness practice...) for helping people to clear their fog and adjust their vision so they can see again and determine their best way forward.


    Discernment Therapy is a session by session agreement and is best for times when you feel unclear about your next step forward. Because continuous therapy with little direction is (in my professional opinion) ultimately unhelpful for producing lasting growth and movement, I limit discernment work with people to three months. At the end of three months, if you still feel just as much in the fog as before, I will refer you to someone who can continue with you in a more ongoing format. Because the truth is that different therapists are helpful in different ways and it is entirely possible that someone else may be able to help you in a way that I cannot. The good news is that if we get to that point, I will have a clear enough experience of your particular struggles that I'll be better able to provide direction and support for your next steps.


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