• Post Traumatic Growth Coaching

    for increased flexibility and growth after trauma


    Trauma is recovered from in a variety of ways. What is needed for movement out of the past and into the present with hope for the future is different for each person. Sometimes a coaching relationship can be the most helpful option. Coaching sometimes can allow for the deepest transformation. It just depends on each person's particular needs, based on a variety of factors, such as personalities and experiences. It also depends on where a person is on their personal journey. Sometimes an individual has already done some work, coming to a certain amount of insight or more balanced way of understanding their past, and just needs some extra encouragement or a new way of integrating current experiences with earlier learning. Another possibility is that someone might prefer a more, in the moment coaching experience, rather than waiting for their weekly session. It really just depends. For these reasons and more, I offer PTG Coaching as another option for clients on their trauma recovery journey.


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