Find Freedom

    After Trauma


  • How long has it been since you felt free?

    • Or since you laid down in the grass and watched the clouds without feeling worried? 
    • Since you blew dandelion seeds across a field just because it's fun? 
    • Since you risked swinging as high as you could and felt like you were flying? 
    • Since you laughed out loud at church? Since you read the Bible with curiosity?
    Trauma can stop us in our tracks and teach us that life is dangerous and that we must be on guard. Often, in the months and years following something traumatic we learn to maintain a posture of fear and protection rather than exploration and curiosity. We become enslaved to this task of keeping ourselves and those we love safe and the sad consequence is that we can lose our ability to grow.


    What if instead you could experience growth and joy?


    Half of those people who experience trauma become slaves to safety, but the other half grow stronger and braver. And the great news is that outcomes after trauma ARE NOT left up to chance. There are very clear steps we can take to ensure that life expands rather than shrinks. And, one of the most important steps is to allow another person to go on this journey of growth with you. God designed us for relationship and human beings are not meant to heal in isolation. It just doesn't work that way. We need each other.


    If you would like to explore what your best next step will be and whether you might like me to accompany you on your journey toward freedom and joy, schedule your complimentary call by clicking on the link below. This call will allow me to get to know you a bit, hear some of your hopes and dreams, understand what some of your roadblocks and stuck points might be and help you to gain some clarity around what would most help you to move forward at this time.

  • I would love to help you find freedom too!